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La Prenda (Marsanne Roussanne)

Located in western Sonoma Valley, bordering Carneros, La Prenda Vineyard lives up to its English translation as "jewel" or "gift." Farmed and managed by Ned Hill and his amazing team, the site has heavy Montmorillonite clay with a very high shrink/swell capacity. The vines are pruned cane with no spur and every other shoot is removed during suckering to immediately decrease the crop. The vineyard is located in a cool area so our grapes are harvested much later than most whites, which allows for full flavor development while the grapes maintain a refreshing acidity.

Steel Plow (Grenache)

Located on the floor of the Sonoma Valley at the base of Adobe Canyon Road in Kenwood, this vineyard is farmed organically and is managed and farmed by Phil Coturri. We are extremely lucky to begin working with Grenache and Mourvedre in 2013. The soils are rocky in areas and contain eroded sediment from the Mayacama Mountains. Three different types of gravely loam soil make up the vineyard, which was replanted in 2006 using Budwood from Chateau Beaucastel in France by way of Tablas Creek Nursery. 

Las Madres  (Syrah)

Located in Sonoma Carneros. The hillside site is aligned east - west, and nestled in a bowl. This allows for excellent ripening during the day, while benefitting from cool marine-influenced temperatures at night. Day to night temperatures easily vary by 35º F. The clonal selections are Entav 174 and 300, all on 101-14 rootstock. VSP trellising allows maximum grower/ winemaker influence. The vineyard is staged to yield no more than 4 tons per acre.

This vineyard works hard as we practice deficit irrigation. Always looking for the benefits of extended hang time, we harvest late in the season, achieving the full complexity of Syrah flavors. 

Ceja Farm  (Grenache)

Located in western Sonoma, bordering Carneros (one mile south) and the Sonoma Coast appellation, which frames the western side of the vineyard. Planted on an ancient riverbed, the soil is sandy loam and extremely rocky. This is another extremely cool site that sees our Grenache ready at the beginning of November. Owned and farmed by Griselda's brother Jesus Ceja, we are fortunate to work with such a great site. 

Landa Vineyard (Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah)

Located in the eastern side of Sonoma more gradated profile with great southwestern sun exposure, perfect for our Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre plantings.  A gravelly and sandy top layer of soil combined with a fractured volcanic (Rhyolitic) rock base. This particular composition of rock, sand, silt, ash and gravel allows for ideal root penetration and the necessary drainage to grow wine grapes of the highest quality. This special soil, along with the specific temperature of the vineyard creates a rich and delicious blend..

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