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About Us

Griselda Ceja

A Napa native, Griselda Ceja is no stranger to the agriculture, hospitality and wine industry. Raised in the Carneros wine-growing region, her childhood home was located in the midst of rolling hills and near a stream that led to the Napa River – an idyllic setting for childhood outdoor adventures. As the youngest in a family of ten children, Griselda was allowed to play while her parents and siblings toiled in the vineyards, but as she grew older she willingly accepted her family responsibilities. In fact, her fondest memories are of harvest: riding the gondolas, sorting out leaves from the picking bins and preparing lunch for the work crews. Griselda and her mother always prepared an elaborate meal to nourish the campesinos. She’ll never forget how appreciative the workers were to receive a hot home-cooked meal. This memory embodies the spirit of Campesino Cellars today.

Macario Montoya

Macario grew up in the small town of Elmira, not too far from the Napa Valley. Frequently dragged wine tasting by his parents, it wasn't until attending the University of Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana that he actually encountered the first wine (cooler) he liked. An inauspicious start for a winemaker, but nevertheless, after working for six years in the corporate world as a financial advisor, Macario decided to ditch the suit and tie for purple hands and pruning shears. Macario's philosophy on wine making is simple: he believes wines are an expression of the earth and are made in the vineyard. It's the job of the winemaker to finish the process.  In addition to crafting the beautiful wines of Campesino, Macario is the winemaker for Roots Run Deep Winery (Educated Guess Wines) in the Napa Valley and NakedWines USA (Sin Fronteras Brand)

Isa y Alina

Isa and Alina are the inspirations behind our Rosè of Grenache and our Marsanne/Roussanne white wine.   Isa, was born in the winter of 2009.  She loves the outdoors, soccer and reading.  She aspires to be a pastry chef when she is older. Alina, was born in the spring of 2012.  She loves playing with her toys, riding her bike, and hip hop dancing.  She aspires to be a DJ...

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