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When winter temperatures fall below freezing, the campesinos are working in the vineyards, meticulously pruning, ensuring the vines’ growth and health for the upcoming year. When summer temperatures soar above 100 degrees, they are nurturing and preparing the vineyards for the approaching harvest. Many have come to California from Mexico, others from Central and South America, all of them with a similar goal: to make a living. They are here to provide for their families and in search of a better life. Unfortunately, the campesinos are also the often forgotten and overlooked aspect of the wine industry.

As the son and the daughter of fieldworkers, we make this wine in homage to all campesinos. Their journeys began with dreams and a search for new possibilities. The nobility of this hopeful quest is not diminished by the humility of their occupation. On the contrary, more than just laborers, these men and women are the keepers of the vine. They work the earth with dignity and care. We must not forget that every bottle of wine is indebted to their sacrifice. As we enjoy the fruits of their labor let us give thanks for their hard work and dedication.

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